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100's of runners near you are looking for a workout partner...

DASHR is an app that helps you find a running buddy near you. The app will suggest runners that have similar preferences and routines as you, thus increasing the probablility that you'll be an excellent match. You will be able to effortlessly arrange your runs and set a meetinng point, allowing you to focus on what is most important: running more.


Live a healthier life and reach your goals with DASHR.


Meet new People

Meet like minded people who have a passion for running. We use your geolocation to match you with other runners in your area, so you'll always be able to meet with your running buddies. Become friends with your training partners and easily stay in touch with our built in messaging system.


Stay Motivated

Stay motivated with your running buddy. Having a shared goal and working towards it together is a lot more motivational than trying to run on a solo mission. Running together also has the benefit that you can pace each other and push harder than you would if you didn't have a partner at your side.


Explore new Trails

Have your partner show you their favourite trails and do something different to the ordinary. If you are traveling, have a local guide you and be blown away by the breath taking views that you would have otherwise missed. We integrate with many popular running apps, so you can see where others are running.


Reach your Goals

Reach your goals with a running partner. Having a partner will increase your consistency as a runner. Recent research shows that committing to an accountability partner increases the likelihood by 80% that you will follow through with your commitment. Running more often will ultimately boost your condition.

Break down barriers and level up with your friends!

Connect your running apps to seamlessly share your runs with the DASHR community and compare your workouts, no matter what tracking app you use. Runkeeper, Runtastic*, Endomondo*, Mapmyrun* or Nike+* all sync smoothly with DASHR.

*coming soon

DASHR already has raving fans!

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I love the fact that this app will match me with runners that I can really connect with. The meetup.com groups are great, but it's difficult to find running partners at my level and that fit my busy schedule. The broadcast feature is pure genius!

Edward Smith
Father of three

This really motivates me to work out more! I would never have imagined that having a running partner would have such a strong psyhological impact! Now when I travel, there's always a local person eager to show me the best running spots.

Carly Heinz

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